I have a variety of photographic interests, including traditional landscapes and architecture but also things abandoned. I think there is equal beauty in an icy waterfall as there is in a steel mill left to ruin and a slow return to nature. Abandoned landscapes fascinate me. The footprint society has left on the land is constantly expanding while obsolete factories and skyscrapers, with a sense of design lost in modern architecture, are left to decay and ruin. Even in the decay there is beauty.

My interest in photography started in my childhood, entering photos in the county fair as 4-H projects. My photographic interests were further expanded and refined while at Lansing Community College where I enrolled in black and white photography courses. The instructors there hepled me learn technical skills I would not have otherwise had the opportunity to learn as well as opening up up my thought process to visualizing an image. I moved on to The Evergreen State College where I continued to pursue my photography interests while earning a B.S. in aquatic ecology.

Currently I have returned to school and the Pacific Northwest to pursue a Masters Degree at the University of Washington researching methods of controlling organisms in ship ballast water. I am still working on my photography and hope to do more with it.

I have expanded into digital photography and now most of my work is performed in a "digital darkroom" although I shoot mostly medium format with a Mamiya C330.

If you are interested in my photography please feel free to email me. - Bryan C. Nielsen